Department Information

Department of Chemistry is an independent group of graduate studies of Amirkabir University of Technology. Students in this department are educating in Applied Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. This department also provides service courses (courses in general chemistry and general chemistry laboratory) to students of other faculties.



Department History

Department of Chemistry was started with the establishment of Faculty of Sciences with three departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to provide service courses for students of engineering at the university establishment. In 1988, with the establishment of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and the faculty of Physics and Nuclear Sciences, the Department of chemistry continued to work independently. Since 1997, scientific and educational activities developed with the establishment of Master of Science degree in applied chemistry. In 2009, with the admission of PhD students in the field of applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry effective steps were taken to develop graduate studies. Department of Chemistry, with 15 faculty members and establishing and equipping its laboratories for teaching and research is trying to develop its activities in the fields of nanotechnology chemistry, polymer chemistry and physical chemistry.



Department Honors