Department History

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Department History
The chemistry department has started its educational activity with the name of chemistry group by launching the basic sciences department of the university in three groups of mathematics, physics and chemistry at the same time with the establishment of the university. Also, it provides services to students of different fields of the university. From 1988 onwards, with the establishment of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as the Department of Physics and Energy Sciences, this department continued its activities under the name of Chemistry group. Since 1997, the Chemistry group has expanded its scientific and educational activities by launching MSc level course in Applied Chemistry. In addition, since 2009 it has been taken an effective step to develop graduate education by attracting students to PhD level courses in Applied Chemistry and MSc level course in the fields of Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physics Chemistry.
At present, this department has the potential to create Nano Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry once a license is obtained. This is due to its long history of educational and research activities and having about 11 faculty members and also equipping its educational and research laboratories. Therefore, this department was renamed the Department of Chemistry, on 4 march 2019.

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