Physical and Chemical Separation Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/07/12 | 

Physical and Chemical Separation Laboratory  

Head: Prof. Hossein SalarAmoli
Address: seventh floor, Department of Chemistry, AUT
Telephone: +98(21) 64545891

This laboratory was set up to provide the necessary basis for the development of physical and chemical separation knowledge, conducting new research and nurturing MSc and PhD students in 2018. 
Separation by liquid-liquid extraction methods, multi-stage and continuous extraction, ion exchange and sedimentation using pH changes, complex formation and addition of reagents are performed in this laboratory.
Other activities of the laboratory include the production of absorbent fibers for the micro extraction technique with a solid phase for the separation of pharmaceutical materials in very small dimensions and gas sensors at ambient temperature. In this laboratory, thin layers are also prepared for making solar cells, pigments or quantum dots with high efficiency


The presence of advanced devices in this and neighboring laboratories, have provided the possibility of training and research in this department. These devices include: 
-    High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), 
-    Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), 
-    Solid Phase Micro extraction (SPME), 
-    Electrophoresis, 
-    Electrodeposition, 
-    Layering devices such as Spin Coating, Spray Pyrolysis and etc.

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